Struggling with Grief

“I don’t think I know how to do this.” Nora sat across from me with tears in her eyes. The unexpected death of her mother had turned everything in her well-organized world upside down.

Grief is a strange and confusing experience for many of us, for some people grief shocks the system and they need to spend time in their sadness, time that is often misunderstood by those around them. Other people cope with grief through movement, they clean, they plan, they work their way through grief. Still, others are in a place where they are grieving more private losses, such as the breakdown of a significant relationship or the loss of an unborn child.

Here is what Nora was told, that day she sat across from her therapist sharing her experience of grief: grief takes time, and she would do it in her time, her way. That support would be available to help her make sense of it if she needed, but her grief would be uniquely hers.

Perhaps this sounds familiar to you, perhaps you are experiencing the raw confusion of fresh loss, or perhaps you are in the process of learning to accept your new reality and needing to grieve the various ways your life has been dramatically changed. You might be trying to figure out how to live life after a death, divorce, or significant loss and need a safe person to process this experience with. You might need someone to express anger and frustration with as part of your process, you might need someone who can be present with you as you are anticipating an impending loss or finally allowing yourself to experience grief after a period of avoiding it.

Whatever journey you might be on, regarding your grief, we are ready and prepared to compassionately join you in the process.



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