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FYI: WHEN SENDING MESSAGES TO PSYCHSOLUTIONS, Inc.......SO THERE ARE NO SURPRISES - It is important for you to know that this correspondence may have to be kept for at least 11 years, as per current legal requirements - particularly if you disclose potential harm to self or others. We strongly recommend you read about the privacy limitations briefly mentioned under our FAQ page. This will ensure you understand, in advance, what PsychSolutions, Inc., can and cannot keep private as well when we may have to get assistance to ensure your safety or the safety of others. Also, please do not share any information related to sexual issues (e.g., abuse/assault) until you met with a therapist and have been briefed on the Alberta laws regarding record keeping when these types of issues are mentioned to regulated professionals. It is VERY IMPORTANT TO US THAT YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS & LIMITS TO PRIVACY and we also recognize that these privacy warnings may not be relevant to why you are contacting us :).