Online Therapy / Tele-Psychology Services

Sometimes it is not always feasible to travel to a therapist’s office to access mental health support.

This can be due to a variety of reasons ranging from:

• Limited access to transportation or limited travel time
• Living in a remote area
• Becoming sick and not wanting to share your germs
• Not having childcare available while you are away from home

With the power of the internet and the use of encrypted and secure platforms, therapists and clients can “meet” online for their sessions and still obtain an “in-person” feel to their appointments. Online therapy is not new, and with the right preparation, many clients settle in to their online session within the first few minutes, often not noticing the online environment.


• Convenient
• Can be accessed from the comfort of your home or another private location
• Reduces travel time
• Reduces time away from work or home
• Can reduce the cost of child care while you are away to attend your appointment
• Has shown to be effective. The direct feedback from our clients has been positive


• May be difficult for people not familiar with computers or using online platforms
• Depending on your bandwidth or internet connection, there can be glitches in the video or audio
• Although we use encrypted and HIPPA-compliant platforms, there is always the risk of someone intercepting a session

Requirements & Set-Up

• A link to the online appointment will be sent to you a few minutes before your appointment.
• It’s best to have a pair of earbuds available. This will improve your hearing and reduce feedback.
• Ensure all notifications and reminders are turned off. These may distract you and could pull you out of your therapy experience.
• Ensure you have a private room and that you won’t be interrupted.
• Ensure your camera (whether you are using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet) is in a stable position so you are not required to hold it. This will let you sit more comfortably.
• If you live with people, it also may be beneficial to schedule an extra 30-60 mins after your session, so you have time to reflect before engaging with family life.

If you are interested in our online services, please contact us to inquire more.

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