Reduced Rate Options

Reduced Rate Options - Accessible Therapy for All

Removing barriers for people who are in need of quality mental health support

Reduced Rate Program - Through our affordable therapy program, we offer lower fees and affordable supervised therapy.

Our Reduced Rate Options provide clients access to quality mental health support by:

  • Graduate psychology students completing the practicum or internship portion of their graduate studies.
  • Provisional psychologists who have completed their graduate studies are now completing the requirements to meet the standards for full licensure.

Throughout the program, intern and provisional therapists receive regular supervision and guidance from fully licensed senior psychologists. This allows clients to receive support from a trained and skilled therapist who also has regular consultation and access to a senior therapist’s skills and knowledge. Thus, clients benefit from the experience and knowledge of two therapists!

Since therapists offering services through this program are closely supervised, most Extended Health Care (EHBs) plans cover the costs of appointments. Receipts can also be claimed as a health expense at tax time. Please contact your provider to confirm what coverage you have.

Therapy provided by each intern or provisional therapist is available for the duration of their practicum placement, internship, or provisional contract. The length of time for each therapist may vary depending on program requirements and can range from eight months to two years.

If you want to continue accessing reduced-rate appointments once your therapist’s placement/contract has been completed, we can assist you in connecting with another therapist offering reduced-rate services.

This program is best suited for clients who are seeking general mental health support and short-term therapy. If you are wondering if your needs are a good fit for this program, please contact us directly.

Not sure if it will be a good fit? Take advantage of our no-cost consult calls and initial assessment/intake sessions.

If you are interested in seeing a therapist through the Reduced Rate Option program, connect with us by email ([email protected]) or by completing our secure contact form.

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