What is BIPOC

BIPOC is an acronym that stands for “Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color.”

Black refers to people of African or Caribbean ancestry, who have a unique history in North America.

Indigenous refers to people whose ancestors were native to the Americas prior to colonization by Europeans. Many Indigenous people, if not all, were negatively impacted, and continue to be impacted, by policies and practices that lead to the destruction of family units, cultural identity, and historical and generational trauma.

People of color is an umbrella term used to refer to all individuals of non-white descent, who also face discrimination. This includes people who are of Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Pacific Island heritage, among others.

The term BIPOC is inclusive for all people of color and each group has their own cultural history and experiences with discrimination. By specifically identifying Black and Indigenous in the BIPOC acronym, the term highlights that these two groups have unique histories of cultural discrimination, racism, and oppression. It also acknowledges that the impact of this history is on-going and impacts the daily lived experiences of people from these groups.



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