What is BIPOC Therapy?

BIPOC Therapy is centered on being culturally sensitive and trauma-informed. BIPOC therapists work from an anti-oppressive and anti-racist framework. In essence, BIPOC therapy is culturally safe therapy where people can collaboratively explore how to reconnect with themselves and their cultural roots, while also discussing and addressing issues of discrimination (ranging from microaggressions to overt racist behaviors/actions). BIPOC therapy also allows people to explore how to navigate intergenerational and bi-cultural differences that often occur within close relationships and/or bi-cultural families.

Due to the high value placed on collaboration, therapy often focuses on identifying what clients want to address while respecting levels of readiness to create changes.

BIPOC Therapy may include:

  • Exploring the impact of race across one’s daily life experiences
  • Exploring interest in reconnecting with one’s self and/or their cultural roots
  • Exploring unacknowledged or disowned parts of one’s identity
  • Healing racial trauma and/or racial loss/grief
  • Simply having a safe therapeutic space to explore non-racial issues in the presence of another person of color.


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