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How to Support Someone Who is Feeling Suicidal

When someone we love is feeling suicidal, it often creates a lot of distress for us as well. We may worry about what to say, saying the wrong thing, or making things worse. We may feel incredibly uncomfortable talking about the topic and attempt to divert the conversation onto another topic or make light of what our loved one is trying to express. If we feel really uncomfortable sitting with our loved one and listening to what they are trying to express, we may find ourselves too quickly moving…

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World Suicide Prevention Day – Sept 10, 2016

September is a month full of activity that includes not only seasonal changes and a new school year, but also many different days of recognition and awareness campaigns. Being a psychologist I may be biased, but I believe that mental health awareness efforts are among the most important!Even if not directly identified, mental health plays a large factor in many of the other awareness campaigns; whether they are focused on improving physical health or eating habits, combating disease, reducing…

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