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Helping Children Cope After a House Fire

Recently our province, Alberta, has been dealing with a major fire in Fort McMurray. Due to the size and destructive impact of this fire, many of the people living there have lost their homes and have had to be evacuated. This “Coping After Fire” series was created to address the concerns and questions that many people impacted by the fires now have. In this video, I will work you through some of the basic, but very important strategies that you can use to help your children cope after a house…

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Self Soothing Strategies – For Times of Distress.

While all of us experience stress, some of us have developed stronger skills at calming ourselves down and in being able to re-regulate our bodies and minds. The ability to soothe ourselves is vitally important as when we are relaxed, our ‘thinking brains’ (aka., frontal lobes) can do their job and come up with different ways to approach a particularly difficult situation while also preventing us from simply ‘reacting’ to a situation. When we react (i.e., yell, name call, say what we don’t…

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