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Harnessing the Power of Stress

Our understanding of stress has come a long way over the last couple of decades; arguably much further than the daily practice of stress management for most people.Harmful effects of stress are well documented in scientific literature. High blood pressure, headaches, stomach problems and a compromised immune system are a few examples of what stress can do to us.Employers and policy makers are starting to pay attention. Stressed workers are more likely to be unhealthy, poorly motivated, less

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A New Twist on Anxiety-Reducing Self-Talk

If you are anything like the majority of us, then my guess is that when it’s important for you to make a positive or favorable impression in an upcoming social situation, then you likely experience some level of anxiety or stress. This can be especially true for you if you struggle with higher levels of anxiety in general or find it difficult to calm yourself when faced with stress. The social situations that may cause you to worry could be anything from meeting new people, arriving for a job…

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