Living with Bipolar Series – Michelle Black

Michelle Black is a Successful Bipolar Advocate…

Her Wellness Journey is a story about having faith, hope, and love.
It’s knowing that she is strong and she is brave.
It’s about finding a balance and believing in herself.
It’s knowing that she is proud of her accomplishments
That she has made along this journey!!!

Michelle was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 1 in 2008 when she experienced a manic episode and was hospitalized for three weeks at the University of Alberta Hospital.

She also experienced a severe depressive episode in 2013 where she was hospitalized for three weeks at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

There have been other times in her life when she experienced some breakdown and crisis signs due to certain triggers. She persevered and did things for herself, of which she will share with you in her presentation, and because of that no hospitalization has been required.

During her presentation to the Edmonton Bipolar Support Group on May 9, 2015, she will share her experiences of what works in order to stay balanced. Michelle works quite diligently on staying well and she has created a formula that helps her to keep working towards finding a balance.

She likes to say:

“I may have Bipolar, but it doesn’t have me”!!!

With the challenges you are faced with, her wish for you is that you too find a balance in your life, and may you be proud of your accomplishments that you have and will make along your journey!!!

Sneak peak of her presentation outline…

  • How to be an advocate for yourself
  • Using your resources and educating yourself
  • Using a useful self-management tool called “WRAP®,” and
  • Discovering your own formula for finding a balance


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