Helping Children Cope After a House Fire

Recently our province, Alberta, has been dealing with a major fire in Fort McMurray. Due to the size and destructive impact of this fire, many of the people living there have lost their homes and have had to be evacuated.

This “Coping After Fire” series was created to address the concerns and questions that many people impacted by the fires now have.

In this video, I will work you through some of the basic, but very important strategies that you can use to help your children cope after a house fire.

Coping After Fire Series

Video 1 – Normal Reactions After a House Fire or Crisis

Video 2 – 5 Ways to Cope After a House Fire or Crisis

Video 3 – Helping Your Children Cope After A House Fire

Some of topics covered in this video include:

  • Developing and maintaining a new routine
  • Active release play
  • Handling repetitious questions
  • Repeatedly reminding children “it’s not their fault.”
  • Maintaining expectations and discipline
  • Taking breaks from news and conversations about the fire/crisis

Parent Alert

I know that many of you who are viewing this video are keenly interested in helping your children and that this goal is your primary objective. I get it. I’m a parent myself and I often put my children’s needs ahead of my own. I want you to keep in mind, however, that children’s mental health is highly influenced but the mental health of their caregivers.

Therefore, I strongly encourage you to not only watch this video but to also watch the first video in this series titled, “5 Ways to Cope After a House Fire or Crisis.”

This first video focuses on how you, as an adult, can take care of yourself after a house fire. If your self-care is being managed, you will be in a much stronger position to support your children.

Getting Extra Help

If you are finding it difficult to cope yourself or to be able to help your children cope, below are some numbers you can contact to be connected with a mental health professional trained to treat trauma and assist people through crises.

* AHS Adult Mental Health Intake: 780-342-7600

* Children Mental Health Intake: 780-342-2701

* Children’s Mental Health Crisis Line: 780-427-4491

* 211 (Edmonton Info Line)

Contacting PsychSolutions

If you would like to connect with us personally, you can do so by clicking on the links below:
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