Edmonton Trauma Recovery Group

An Adult Psycho-Educational & Experiential Therapy Group


Please contact us for upcoming dates (8 Weeks)


PsychSolutions, 16880-11 Ave, Edmonton, AB


To recover and heal from trauma by learning safe, effective, and proven strategies.

This group will focus on helping you find a sense of calm, lower your level of distress, and help you learn how to bring down the intensity of your memories so they have less power over you. You will also be supported in learning how to live your life again and to reconnect with what you love to do and with your loved ones.

There will be in-group opportunities to practice strategies and techniques taught while receiving professional support. As a group member, you will also have the opportunity to share your experiences (if you choose to do so) with other people who have experienced trauma and who can also relate to the pain you are experiencing and the desire to heal - one of the powerful reasons to join a group!


Closed group format - This group, once started, will not allow new people into the group. This helps creates a safe place for group members to get to know each other without having to worry about meeting new people or starting from scratch. Once the group starts, it will be very important to make sure that all group members feel safe and comfortable.


$630 / person / group (8 weeks total, including pre- assessment)

*** $70 / Session ***

To register for this group

Please call 780-710-9567 or email [email protected]

** If privacy is important to you and you do not have a secure/encrypted email account yourself, please contact us using our secure contact form.

If you choose this option, please include your telephone number that we can use to contact you.

To get info or to sign up for this course, send an email to [email protected]