Grief Recovery Support Group - Adult



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PsychSolutions, 16880-11 Ave, Edmonton, AB (Located in McKernan Professional Centre)


The Grief Recovery Support group aims to provide assistance during your journey through grief. Facilitated by a therapist with specialized training in grief work, the group incorporates instructional information alongside dedicated time for collective sharing of experiences, thoughts, and concerns. Participants will explore the various aspects of grief, its individual manifestations, and engage in conversations about prevalent beliefs and misconceptions surrounding the grieving process. Evaluating the supportive or hindering nature of these beliefs, participants will explore their impact on personal grief processes and identify their preferred paths for navigating through grief. The group creates a secure environment for open discussions about individual grief experiences and their life-altering effects.

In this closed setting, participants will engage in weekly readings and assignments designed to facilitate progress in the grieving process. Whether facing a recent loss or one from the past, this program is open to people who want to connect with others as part of their grief journey.

Program Structure:
The initial two weeks focus on providing pertinent information about the grief process and dispelling common misconceptions. Subsequent weeks will have time dedicated to discussion and identification of actionable steps, with participants sharing their personal insights within small triads and engaging in supportive larger group discussions.

Why is Group Grief Support Beneficial:

  • Correcting Misinformation: Group grief support helps dispel misconceptions about grief, providing accurate information and validating your unique grief journey.
  • Tools for Reflection: The program equips you with tools and the chance to examine specific losses in your life, allowing a deeper understanding of how these losses may impact your day-to-day life.
  • Cultivating Peace: By participating, you have the opportunity to find a sense of peace concerning the losses you've faced, fostering emotional healing and resilience.


Closed Group Structure: The closed format of this group means that once initiated, new participants will not be admitted. This deliberate choice is intended to establish a secure environment for group members, allowing them to build connections without the introduction of new participants. It eliminates the concern of meeting unfamiliar faces or starting anew while trying to move through your own grief process. The closed setting ensures that group members can develop familiarity with each other, promoting a cohesive experience. Additionally, it guarantees that all participants are on a similar path, engaging in shared discussions and strategies throughout the group process.

Opting for a group format is not only cost-effective but also provides valuable social support, reinforcement, and modeling. If, however, you have a preference for individual sessions, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are more than willing to discuss your preferences or assist you in scheduling individual appointments tailored to your needs.


This group is currently being offered through our internship program. This allows us to be able to offer it at a significantly reduced rate.

$250/person (8 x 1.5 hour group meetings / Total Hours - 12)

Group Treatment is Cost Effective - Comparison to Individual Sessions - $2640 (12 individual sessions x $220/hr)

To get more info or to sign up for this group, please call 780-710-9567 or
email [email protected].