Adult CBT Therapy Group
for Insomnia and Sleep Difficulties (CBTi)

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Please contact us for upcoming dates (1 individual appt and 5 group meetings over 7-8 weeks)


PsychSolutions, 16880-11 Ave, Edmonton, AB


To regain healthy sleep patterns so you can begin to feel better and improve functioning in life and at work.

Instead of sleeping medication, CBTi helps clients overcome insomnia with safe, effective treatment.

CBTi is effective for primary and secondary/comorbid insomnia. It is a short-term treatment with long-term results, delivered in 6 modules (one individual appointment and five group meetings).

There will be in-group opportunities to discuss effective sleep strategies and techniques and time to practice strategies taught between group meetings. This format allows time to “tweak” any strategies participants may be struggling with and questions that arise while practicing.

Why is CBTi beneficial:

  • Addresses underlying causes of insomnia.
  • Eliminates the need for medications that cause serious side effects, provide limited short-term effectiveness, and the
  • return of symptoms when discontinued.
  • Fosters long-term behavioural change.
  • Can serve as a segue to CBT treatments for other needs.
  • Is covered by most health insurance place


Closed group format - This group, once started, will not allow new people into the group. This helps create a safe place for group members to get to know each other without having to worry about meeting new people or starting from scratch. It also ensures that all group members are following a similar process, so steps and strategies don’t need to be retaught.

A group format is more cost-effective and offers social support, reinforcement, and modeling. If you prefer individual sessions, then contact us to discuss this or to book individual appointments.


$650 /person/group (1 x pre-group individual assessment / 5 x group meetings total / Total Hours - 10)

Group Treatment is Cost Effective - Comparison to Individual Sessions - $2200 (10 individual sessions x $220/hr)

To get more info or to sign up for this group, please call 780-710-9567 or
email [email protected].