Sitting in The Dark: Guiding Teens Through the Darkness of Suicide Ideation

In the silent corridors of a teenager’s mind, where shadows can often loom larger than life, addressing the delicate and pressing issue of suicide ideation demands not just attention but a compassionate and informed approach. It calls upon each individual in a young person’s life—be it a parent, educator, friend, or community member—to play a…

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World Suicide Prevention Day – Sept 10, 2016

September is a month full of activity that includes not only seasonal changes and a new school year, but also many different days of recognition and awareness campaigns. Being a psychologist I may be biased, but I believe that mental health awareness efforts are among the most important!Even if not directly identified, mental health plays a large factor in many of the other awareness campaigns; whether they are focused on improving physical health or eating habits, combating disease, reducing…

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