Navigating Grief: A Guide to Supporting Teens Through Loss

Grief is a universal human experience, but when it comes to supporting teenagers through loss, the journey can be uniquely challenging. Adolescence is a developmental period of emotions, self-discovery, and the forging of identity, making the impact of grief profound. Below, we will explore the complexities of teenage grief, offer insights and practical strategies to…

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Struggling with Grief

“I don’t think I know how to do this.” Nora sat across from me with tears in her eyes. The unexpected death of her mother had turned everything in her well-organized world upside down. Grief is a strange and confusing experience for many of us, for some people grief shocks the system and they need…

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A Light in the Darkness Christmas Memorial Service – Offered by Park Memorial Funeral Homes, Edmonton and area, AB

Click on this link to watch the service video In a video offered by Park Memorial Funeral Home, Samantha discusses some ideas on how to support grieving children through the holidays. Additional Resources for Coping with Grief During the Holidays:…/ Grief.comGRIEF & THE HOLIDAYS: Dealing With the Pain Center for Loss & Life TransitionHelping…

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