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What is Bipolar Disorder?

In general, bipolar disorder can be defined as a mood disorder with extreme and episodic shifts in a person’s mood and behavior. The mood shifts range from depression to hypomania and mania.Bipolar disorder is defined by subtypes, which include bipolar I, II and mixed episode. Understanding the differences between these subtypes, however, can sometimes be confusing as they tend to share similarities in symptoms.Similarities of Bipolar I and Bipolar II. For instance, depressive episodes for type I…

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Bipolar Disorder and Shame

Whether you have received a mental health diagnosis years ago or just recently, you may be experiencing feelings of shame for having mental health concerns. The Edmonton’s Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder Support Group recently had a guest speaker discuss her experiences with her bipolar diagnosis and symptoms. Some of the questions that group members asked the speaker were: If she always felt like she had bipolar disorder symptoms, How she was able to accept the idea of being on psychiatric…

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Questions about Bipolar Management

On May 9, 2016, Michelle Black visited our group and she shared her own struggles with living with bipolar and the strategies that have helped her to manage her symptoms. More recently (Jan 2016) she found herself slipping back into depression, but due to sticking to her strategies (and with some extra support from her family), she was able to eventually climb back out of it. After her presentation, members were invited to send their unanswered questions. Michelle diligently answered these…

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Living with Bipolar Series – Michelle Black

Michelle Black is a Successful Bipolar Advocate… Her Wellness Journey is a story about having faith, hope, and love.It’s knowing that she is strong and she is brave.It’s about finding a balance and believing in herself.It’s knowing that she is proud of her accomplishmentsThat she has made along this journey!!! Michelle was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 1 in 2008 when she experienced a manic episode and was hospitalized for three weeks at the University of Alberta Hospital…

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Living with Bipolar – Colin’s Story

In support of World Bipolar Day, Samantha Pekh sits down with Colin Simpson to candidly discuss his experience of living with bipolar disorder and how he manages his symptoms. Interview Topics: * Life before Diagnosis* Getting Diagnosed* Managing Bipolar* Letting Go of Mania* Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts* Bipolar in the Workplace* Work Life Balance* Involving Support People* Disclosure vs. Discretion* Local Resources…

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